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LaserDisc Pioneer DVL 90, проигрыватель лазерных дисков

Артикул: нет
50 000 руб.

Video Performance:
Variable Digital Noise Reduction on LaserDisc with independent adjustment for Y and C-9-bit DAC for DVD Video
8-bit Digital Field Memory for Special LD Playback Functions- Dual Sided LD Playback with Digital Memory
500 Lines Horizontal Resolution (DVD)- 425 Lines Horizontal Resolution (LD)
65dB Video Signal-to-Noise Ratio (DVD)- 51dB Video Signal-to-Noise Ratio (LD)
Audio Performance
Legato Link for Enhanced Audio Performance- Hi Bit Circuit: 96KHz 20-bit DAC
Low-Noise/Low-Loss Laser Pick-up- 115dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Convenience Features
3 Mode Search: Title, Chapter/Track, Time
3 Mode Repeat: All/One Side, Title/Chapter, Point to Point
Multi-Speed Playback (Forward/Reverse)-CAV, CLV, CDV
Still/Step (Forward/Reverse)- DVD, LD- 24-Step Programmed Playback- Random Play- Hi-Lite Scan/Intro Scan
Condition Memory (DVD) for recall of operating parameters- GUI with HEADS-UP Remote Control
Last Memory (DVD & LD) for access to last scene played- DVD/CD Independent Tray
Full Output Complement:
Gold Plated AC-3 Bit Stream / PCM Optical Output- Gold Plated AC-3 Bit Stream / PCM Coaxial Output
Gold Plated PCM Coaxial Output- Gold Plated Analog Audio Output x 2- AC-3 RF Output for LD
Gold Plated S-VIDEO Output x 2- Gold Plated Composite VIDEO Output x 2
Pioneer SR In/Out for System Integration- Urushi-Finish Faceplate with Rosewood Side Panels
Copper Chassis for Superior Electrical Shielding- Large Insulator Feet Isolate External Vibrations
Elite 2-year warrantyAudio Frequency Response: 4Hz-22kHz-S/N Ratio:115 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.0028%-Dynamic Range:97 dB-Wow and Flutter:Limit of measurement (±0.001%)
Dimensions : 475х150х475мм ~ 12 кг.

Исправный витринный экземпляр. Возможны незначительные дефекты внешнего вида.