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The Magical Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber

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ПроизводительUnion Square Music


1-1              The Phantom Of The Opera:          All I Ask Of You   

                  John Barrowman & Claire Moore

1-2              Cats:                              Memory   

                   Barbara Dickson

1-3              Joseh And Amazng Technicolor Dreamcoat:  Close Every Door To Me

                 Clive Carter                  

1-4              Evita:        Don't Cry For Me Argentina

                  Barbara Dickson         

1-5              The Phantom Of The Opera:  The Phantom Of The Opera

                    Lesley Garrett & Dave Willetts

1-6              Whistle Down The Wind:            No Metter What

                    Sean McDermott

1-7              Song And Dance:     Take That Look Off Your Face    

                  Josie Walker                 

1-8              Jesus Christ Superstar:                Jesus Christ Superstar                   

                  Clinton Derricks Carroll*

1-9              Aspects Of Love:       There Is More To Love

                   Shona Lindsay            

1-10           Requiem:                     Pie Jesu     

                  Lesley Garrett & Samuel Burkley

1-11           The Woman In White:        I Believe My Heart

                    Arvid Larsen & Laurie Gayle Stephenson   

1-12           Sunset Bouleverd:     As If We Never Said Goodbye    

                  Susannah Fellows

1-13           Jesus Christ Superstar:    Could We Start Again Please?

                  Issy Van Randwyck & Arvid Larson                

1-14           Aspects Of Love:           Anything But Lonely                

                  Janis Kelly

1-15           Starlight Exress:        U-N-C-O-U-P-L-E-D  

                  Diane Langton

1-16           Evita:        Another Suitcase In Another Hall

                  Grania Renihan           

1-17           Jesus Christ Superstar:                Pilate's Dream

                  Gerry Lake

1-18           Cats:                           Jellicle Cats


1-19           Starlight Exress:        Rolling Stock

                  Graham Bickley           

1-20           The Phantom Of The Opera:    Angel Of Music (Part One)

                  Jennifer Hepburn        


2-1              Joseh And Amazng Technicolor Dreamcoat:  Any Dream Will Do

                  John Barrowman, Choir [Children] – Unknown Artist

2-2              The Phantom Of The Opera:     The Music Of The Night

                   James Graeme             

2-3              Jesus Christ Superstar:   I Don't Know How To Love Him

                  Barbara Dickson         

2-4              Evita:        Buenos Aires

                   Caroline O'Connor    

2-5              Aspects Of Love:       Love Changes Everything

                   John Barrowman        

2-6              Sunset Bouleverd:     The Perfect Year

                  Susannah Fellows & Graham Bickley            

2-7              Starlight Exress:        Pumping Iron

                  Paul Jones

2-8              Cats:          Mr. Mistoffelees

                  Clive Carter,    Choir [Children] – Unknown Artist

2-9              Jesus Christ Superstar:     Everything's Alright              

                  Jennifer Hepburn, Clive Rowe, Dave Willetts & Company*

2-10           Evita:        Rainbow High

                    Kim Criswell,   Choir [Boys] – Unknown Artist

2-11             Sunset Bouleverd:   Our Kind Of Love

                    Liza Pulman               

2-12             The Phantom Of The Opera:   Masquerade


2-13             Song And Dance:      Tell Me On A Sunday

                    Liz Robertson             

2-14             Starlight Exress:      There's Me

                    Clive Carter               

2-15             The Woman In White:       Evermore Without You

                    Ian McLarnon            

2-16             The Phantom Of The Opera:   The Point Of No Return

                    Graham Bickley & Claire Moore                  

2-17             Sunset Bouleverd:   With One Look

                    Susannah Fellows     

2-18             Jesus Christ Superstar:      Heaven On Their Minds

                    Stuart Piper                

2-19             Evita:      On This Night Of A Thousand Stars

                    Ian McLarnon            

2-20             Cats:        Overtures 

                    National Symphony Orchestra*


3-1                The Phantom Of The Opera:   Think Of Me

                    Lesley Garrett & Chris Carcoran                  

3-2                Aspects Of Love:     First Man You Remember

                    John Diedrich & Grania Renihan                 

3-3                Starlight Exress:      Starlight Express

                    Paul Nicholas & Paul Jones      

3-4                Jesus Christ Superstar:              Hosanna

                    Graham Bickley, Paul Collis & Company* 

3-5                Evita:      Oh What A Circus

                    Paul Baker, Chorus – Unknown Artist

3-6                 Cats:       Macavity 

                    Carmen Cusack

3-7                Whistle Down The Wind:  Whistle Down The Wind   

                    Paul Baker

3-8                Evita:      High Flying Adored

                    Ian McLarnon            

3-9                Jesus Christ Superstar:  King Herod's Song

                    Paul Nicholas            

3-10             The Phantom Of The Opera:   Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

                    Joanna Ampil             

3-11             Song And Dance:     The Last Man In My Life

                    Liz Robertson             

3-12             Starlight Exress:      Only You

                    Grania Renihan

3-13             Sunset Bouleverd:  Too Much In Love To Care

                    Andrew Newey & Katrina Murphy               

3-14             Evita:      I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You

                    Josie Walker               

3-15             Jesus Christ Superstar:              Gethsemane

                    Paul Baker                  

3-16             Aspects Of Love:     Seeing Is Believing

                    Arvid Larsen & Laurie Gayle Stephenson   

3-17             Sunset Bouleverd:      Sunset Boulevard    

                    Andrew Newey

3-18             The Beautiful Game:     All The Love I Have

                    Arvid Larson              

3-19             Cats:        The Jellicle Ball

                    Munich Symphony Orchestra*   

3-20             Song And Dance:     Unexpected Song

                    Clare Burt